Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ukiyo-e with digital attempt

Ukiyo-e is an ancient Japanese brush painting style where the artist will use a wood plank, draw on it with brush, carve it, apply color, put paper over it and then "print it".

I just attempted to draw a self portrait by using this style with brush on plain A4 white paper drawing book and with normal ink-brush and chinese ink.
After that I processed the edits with photoshop (mainly only coloring with brush, add texture, lighting effects and saturation). The black portions (the main sketch) are still handrawn.
Here goes nothing:

the small writing at the bottom left (wiriamu, jibun no eizou = William, Self Portrait)

Meanwhile, this is how Ukiyo-e was done. Below is a picture of Sharaku (kabuki actor Otani Onji II)  which has become an iconic figure in japanese art. 
(picture obtained from the second link below)
For more infomation

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