Monday, October 18, 2010

Demotivational Poster - Stress 2

If you remember the first version of this stress poster, it was about being unemployed.

Since no matter what state you are in, employed or unemployed, you are still prone to stress and since the former gives you money the latter, the former does not, I shalt work-eth first at least for the money

Just to be safe, here's a disclaimer:
This depiction by no means represent all or of part of my or anyone else's working experience and the intention of this depiction is only for entertaining purpose and should not be taken into account seriously. If you learn how to enjoy your work, you don't have to look as miserable as that. haha

Put in more oil for those who are still hunting! Put in more oil too, for those who are "enjoying" your work


Kelvin said...

I thought u were drawing me, coz i look like tat right now @_@

BeN said...

all the best mate. =)
it's been like this the first few months =P

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