Hi, welcome to William's Comic site!

This site is just a humble comic-style blog mostly 4koma (4-frame) about everyday's things that revolve around me or people around me.

Every time I draw I will probably find mistakes which however, makes a step forward for better quality drawing, so please bear with me until I get to a good, consistent standard.

 If you don't understand the jokes it may probably due to my/our cultural differences, or I haven't been able to deliver the message well or simply because it's an internal joke. I'd gladly explain if you leave a question for me at the comment section or at the link provided from the sidebar.

IRL I'm actually working a full time job, and it may get quite busy sometime, so probably the rate of release would be once a week. Now now, I would keep drawing *hopefully* in that kind of certain frequency, but honestly the more moral support I get the more motivated I am to draw. It's natural like video below here.

So, If you've enjoyed this site please share, leave a comment and/or leave a thumb and/or follow with your google account via the sidebar of this site ;)
and hope to see you on this site again!

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