Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And I enjoyed the rain just like she did


Just in case you are wondering who is the girl: she was introduced first time from here
As usual, click the picture for full view.

edited on 4th April 2010
changes on title and captions

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How is the process like?

I've been getting some questions on how is process of drawing is actually like.
So, I'm just gonna dedicate a post just for the process though I've roughly mentioned it via the "Ask Somemore" post.

So here goes:

1. Pencil drafting

2. Overlay with pen

3. Brush if necessary

4. Erase the pencil drafts

5. Scan

6. Edit in photoshop (to add texts, or correct certain parts)

7. Done!

For a single post, all the process maybe sum up to 3-6 hours and it takes less than 5 minutes to read :(
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this site.

In case you are curious, this sketch is done for the CCA-Club I'm (and I sketched it just for fun and to promote them abit lolz) in and they are organizing this IT Flair, you can go to for more info. If you are in NUS, you might want to come and look around.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't underestimate your moms

Click for full resolution
There has been two releases this week because there might be no release next week because school's getting busier :S.. Sorry =(=(=(

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our English

Yeap, new character intro: Ted! The guy with bald hair.

the un-professionalism of a teaching assistant

Toilet Trouble

Cool Dream

Spoofs from Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, Full Metal Alchemist, the Matrix

my iPod 1

Your Shell

Ask Somemore

Q: Who are you?
A: Oh, I'm just a normal University student in my final year. I finished my Final Year Report and decided to cut down on computer gaming with my friends to draw and share all this.

Q: How did your character come about?
A: It's actually trying to depict me in real life, but of course i may add some fictional elements on it.
My drawing style is highly influenced by the Japanese Mangas drawing style. In fact there are few Japanese Manga/Anime characters which had given me much inspiration
Please allow me to explain: (ah yes, they are all characters with glasses)
From left: It's my own character and I try to depict myself in a cuter manner :p

second: Nobita Nobi is a lazy, dependent, crybaby character from the famous manga Doraemon. It might look childish but it's one of the greatest Japanese manga you'd ever remember in your life.

third: Conan Edogawa, I am by no means similar to him, I just think he's quite unique and smart.

fourth: Shimura Shinpachi is a very normal and boring character which perfectly describes me. The jokes around him always includes that his identity is pretty much is in his glasses. Something similar to my case huh?

fifth: Urashima Keitarou is just a lucky bastard who is very timid when it comes to girls and relationship, in the end he got a happy ending. While my story goes as my life goes and it might not end happy :-|

So, let's take Nobita's laziness, dependence and crybaby-ness, Conan's cuteness, Shinpachi's boring and normal traits, and Keitarou's timidity: it would be William hahaha.

Q: How long do you normally spend for one post?
A: 3-5 hours on the average: You can refer to here for the process

Q: Where is the story?
A: It's just a few-frame illustrations about life, there's not much story in it as it is only trying to depict funny funny thoughts that I always have in my mind.
Think of the comics as a very simple comic strips

Q: Jokes? I don't see any
A: Well, the sketches are created from a timid guy from an Asian perspective. There are a lot of people with different cultures and some of the things that I'm trying to present might not appear as funny to some people.

There are also a lot of local references on the sketches which you might not get (e.g. the backgrounds might be that of the University I'm studying in, the dorm, etc.)

Q: Why isn't your character that consistent in your comic strips?
A: Yeah, I do realize that. I will do my best to improve the consistency of the character.

Q: Why don't you add some colors to make it livelier?
A: Yeap, maybe during my holidays?

Q: Badi Glaf? Bady Glaff? Bady Glaf?
A: Oh, just a spoof of my very favorite brand for apparel: Body Glove (nope, I'm not paid, and I hope they won't be mad as I refer them as those names above)

Q: And what is Luimenta?
A: Hmm, just my father's surname since I don't bear any on my own. I used to, though.

If you have any other relevant questions, please include it on the comment and I will be more than glad to answer it, if it helps you..
Enjoy =)

Introduction post

Hello :) 
Welcome to my web-comic site!
Name's William.
Through this site and the sketches, I wish to share some of my slices of life and *hopefully* bring a smile to your faces.
The works are simply presented in comic strips consisting few frames and since I'm not a full time artist, updates will be slow but please bear with it.
hope you enjoy my works ;)


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